Moncler SORBUS Black

1612.5 ~ 2150.00 USD

Moncler SORBUS Black
Featuring a classic training design from the mid 90s, the Moncler SORBUS Black offers throwback style for day-to-day wear.
The Moncler SORBUS in Short outerwear for women Online Store. A compact and distinctly feminine jacket with innovative features. Sorbus' technical, high performance inserts sit within an ultralight, ultrasoft weave of materials for a versatile coat that emphasizes the silhouette. A sporty-chic outfit to wear throughout the winter, and even during mid-season. Related Tags Moncler SORBUS Black Price & moncler jacket womens.
Premium cushioning.
No-sew overlays for lightweight support and structure.
Moncler SORBUS in Short outerwear for women MONCLER: find out the Moncler SORBUS Price and shop now directly from the Moncler Short outerwear Shop.
Outsole includes solid and blown rubber, and complementary colors.
Moncler SORBUS Price | Moncler Short outerwear Shop
PWRGRID+ midsole platform provides more cushioning than pervious Hurricanes.
Lateral Cushlon crash rail absorbs the force of impact and encourages a smooth transition from heelstrike to toe-off.

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